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5 Tips Help You Play Hay Day Well

(Editor:Richard 7/15/2015)
Hay Day is a popular casual game and 9game wants to share some tips and tricks about building in Hay Day for players.
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1. Plant Slow-Growing Crops When You Know You Will Be Away For A While

It doesn’t matter what you’ve got on your plate – you may have work or school, or you may simply be retiring for the day and going to sleep. So when it comes to planting pumpkins and other slow-growing crops, you’ll want to plant them before bed, before you leave for work or school, or before doing anything where you know you won’t be online on your mobile device for a while. Keep this in mind with producing goods and raising livestock as well.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Say ‘No’ To Buyers

Yes, there is a social element to Hay Day – people can buy goods from your farm, and you can do the same when buying goods from other players. Chalk it up to human nature that most of these visitors would want to low-ball you and offer the lowest possible price for your goods. But since these visitors won’t curse you or your family out if you say no, then it’s as simple as rejecting their offers if you don’t find them satisfactory. Don’t worry – they won’t bite!

3. Balance Out Your Coins And Experience Points

When your orders come in, you’ll notice that you have gained some coins and stars – the former, of course, is the money you earn from that order, while the latter refers to experience points. As Hay Day is as much about gaining experience as it is about earning money, you’ll want to keep a healthy balance between earning coins and earning XP.

4. Save Up On Seed Crops

All crops, regardless of what they are, can double their yield once you’ve harvested them. But while it may sound like a great idea to use every seed in your silo to satisfy somebody’s order, this is usually too obvious a technique, and ultimately a bad idea. Instead, you want to plant your seeds and have enough handy so you can create products that you’ll need later on in the game.

5. Make Good Use Of Your Roadside Shop

Instead of dealing with strangers, you may have better luck selling items to your friends who also play Hay Day. That makes it important to maintain your roadside shop and regularly check the newspaper to see if you’ve got friends selling something you may want or need. As for pricing strategies, we’d recommend setting the price at 90 percent of the maximum price point.

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