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Hay Day Cheats: Get More Diamonds

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Hay Day is a popular casual game and 9game wants to share some tips and tricks about building in Hay Day for players.
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As Candy Crush has golden lingos, and Farmville has its own cash currency, Hay Day works on diamonds. You get a couple of them in the beginning, but in the end, I am sure that you will end up with not even a single one. For this reason, instead of spending real money, you should keep in mind these useful Hay Day cheats and tricks.
There are many ways in which you can get more diamonds and even some free ones. for instance, if you synchronize your Facebook account with the game, you will get diamonds every time you go up a level. In the same time, when first logging in using Hay Day, players will get five diamonds. Alternatively, you can get a free diamond each time you watch a movie or a trailer. For this, just click on the movie ticket that is near the mail. Wait a couple of seconds and then close the movie. In the end, you will be able to see a diamond added to your diamond number.
In the same time, another interesting aspect is related to the mine. Once you reach level 24, you can start mining for ore and diamonds. If you open the mine and blast using TNT or shovel, you can get some free diamonds every few explosions. As you may already know, once you help out other neighbors and players, you can get many purple tickets. These tickets appear right near the newspaper and you can exchange them for diamonds.
Alternative, once you reach level 27 and you gather enough money to unlock the fishing boat, you can start fishing. This will give you fish as well as 1-3 diamonds, depending on the size of the fish you catch. Bronze fish get one diamond, silver one gets two and the gold one gives you three diamonds. It is up to you how often you choose to fish, especially since it depends on the tickets you have.
Now, another way in which you can get plenty of diamonds is by completing various achievements. You can get up to 5 diamonds, when completing the last level of certain achievements. However, it will take a while to complete get these trophies, and basically, you will have to play the game on a daily basis.
As you may see, these Hay Day Cheats and tricks can turn out to be pretty useful, especially if you enjoy playing this game, and if you want to be the best of your neighbors. Once you have understood how the game works, you will see that you will be able to grow in level and experience while you gather a lot of gold.

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