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Hay Day: Are There Other Ways I Can Get Supply Materials with?

(Editor:Charlotte 8/24/2015)
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Yes, there are. The pets. They are not easy to get. They are ugly (some of them) and seem to be useless. They loiter around for no good, trample fields down, and hamper you to wheat. BUT! They eat milk and poo land deeds. Excuse of all excuses.
Step by step: a player purchases an animal. The animal is hungry and stares at its empty dish or rack. Player fills the dish with respective food. The animal eats and falls asleep (it can run a short circle sometimes). Player taps the animal or blows the whistle. It wakes up and generates XP points and one supply material. Then it loafes for 6 hours. If its rack had been refilled, after 6 hours the animal eats again without any reminder and falls asleep again. Circle’s closed.
There’s no time counter for pets’ hunger, so I use a trick: next to my pets I have 1 field. When I wake them up and collect my items, I plant a tomato there. The tomato takes 6 hours to grow and it has time counter, so I’m always aware of the exact moment my pets get hungry again. Also, as I plant nothing longer that wheat and corn, the standard notification “All your crop are belong to us”… sorry, “All your crops are ready to be hervasted” indicates that it’s time to wake and feed.
Mechanics is the same: you feed pets once in 6 hours, and they generate you supply materials. Cats produce items once after 4-5 meals, and the count is cumulative: 4 cats will give you one item per 6 hours guaranteed. 6 cats from time to time will gift a patient player with 2 items at once. Dogs and horses have to be additionally investigated and confirmed, but should work similar.
Same as for wheating, a player should have at leas one free space (better two) before WAKING the pets.
Of course, mathematically pets are nowhere close to wheating, but hey, 6 milk is nothing! If there were a trader at this forum, who daily, 3 times in a day would exchange 6 milk for nail, or marker stake, or sometimes both, that guy should’ve had hundreds of friend requests!

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