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(Editor:Toliver 8/22/2015)
Hay Day is a popular casual game and 9game wants to share some tips and tricks about building in Hay Day for players.
1. Make Money Fast

Let’s be honest, many of us playing Hay Day just want to make money and a lot of it, fast. (By this, I mean the in-game money. Although, I would like to make real world money fast, too. But there are better ways to do that than by playing Hay Day.) There are some ways that will get you there a bit quicker than others and planting wheat is one of them. I recommend planting wheat as often as you can and in any nook and cranny that you can afford.

Once you get the wheat crops up and growing you can harvest them and sell off what you don’t need. This is probably the easiest way to make money in Hay Day but it’s equally as boring so often times people want to do a bit more to make their money.

If you’re invested in the long hall of farming wheat, you can always use the extra money to buy more land that will then give you more places to grow and harvest your wheat.

2. Grab Some Diamonds

We all know coins are a useful currency in Hay Day but ultimately they pale in comparison to the diamond. If you can, make sure you get your hands on as many diamonds as you can. Of course, you can always buy packs of diamonds as an in-app purchase, but there are plenty of ways you can also earn them in-game. To help you in that quest, here are a few ways you can score diamonds.

  • You likely know that you get 1 or 2 diamonds every time you level up.
  • If you want an extra diamond, just follow Hay Day on Facebook. Easiest diamond you’ll ever get. Once you’re a fan, you can enter contests that Hay Day promotes on their Facebook page.
  • On top of that, to continue to encourage you to link Hay Day and Facebook, if you login to Facebook with Hay Day you will get another 5 diamonds.
  • As you progress through the game you can get more diamonds by completing an achievement.
  • You’ll find diamonds in mystery boxes sometimes so keep an eye out for them.
  • If you find a movie ticket this is a way for Hay Day to make extra money. Basically, they’re selling a 30 second trailer of another app for a free diamond. Ingenious advertising if you ask me.
  • Lastly, if you get to level 24 then you can get tons of diamonds just by mining, but you will have to make it to that level first.

3. Hay Day Newspaper Tip

You may have seen newspapers around when playing Hay Day and didn’t think anything about them. It can be easy to miss, but newspapers can be a super quick and easy way to make extra money. Don’t limit yourself to just using your own newspaper, you can steal someone else’s newspaper and use that as well. That’s right, although this is a much more peaceful game than Clash of Clans, there is the same opportunity for you to screw over your fellow players that you have in those games. Be warned, though: they can just as easily screw with you.

Look around for sales as they’re always worth it. You may find 5 for 400 sale for construction equipment, goods, dynamite, etc. Go ahead and spend the money to buy it and you can then sell them individually for a mark up. Usually, I find you can sell them for about 200 coins a piece. Super easy money.

4. Don’t Rush A Sale

You may find yourself in a situation where someone wants to buy your goods but won’t pay as much as you’d like for them. Given that you are within a realistic range, it will always be helpful to hold out and wait until you get a better offer.

Make sure you maintain your game so that you’re never desperately in need for money because you will be forced to sell things at lower than ideal prices. I find that selling your goods is best done along the roadside shops, where you can get better prices.

The creators of Hay Day want the game to be as realistic as possible so they will build in a natural flux of supply and demand where you have to balance both throughout the game. Of course, economics 101 says to sell when there is high demand and low supply and buy when there is low demand and high supply. This will be a quick way to get ahead.

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