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Hay Day is a popular casual game and you can get it from 9game.

Before you begin, 9game wants to share some tips and tricks about quick selling and buying in Hay Day.

Fast XP

Want to get fast XP? If you are level 15 or up and you have apple trees, make sure you pick the apples as you will get 7 XP per apple. Try and find apple advertisements in the paper, then visit the people that have apple advertisements, then search their farm for shaking trees with exclamation marks on a sign. Click on the sign and you get an XP reward. Complete orders on the order board. Visit other people's farm and look at their dock; if it has a crate with an exclamation mark, click it and take a look at the supplies you need to get an XP reward.

Cats and Dogs

You can buy the cats and dogs with vouchers and you gain vouchers from completing boat and truck orders or harvesting crops and treasure box. You can not trade them. When you have enough vouchers you can buy your cat or dog, but before you do this you must buy a cat or dog house. Your cats and dogs will need feeding, milk for cats and bacon for dogs. Every time you feed your pet you will get 30 xp. They only feed every few hours. Apart from the xp they are mainly a decorative purpose for your farm; for some players, this will be a personal achievement getting each individual pet.

Finding Missing Crops

If you have run out of a certain type of crop, go into your friend's tab and select Greg. Enter his roadside shop and buy everything that is there. Sometimes there is even some tools there for a very low price. If Greg does not have what you want, visit other farms and go thought their newspapers and buy what you need in bulk (like 10 wheat for $x).

Roadside Shop

Provided you have an available slot, you can sell stuff at the roadside shop as often as you want. You can only get a free advertisement in the newspaper every 30 minutes.

Wood Panels

These can either be found in the treasure chests or you can buy them with your diamonds. A good place to find them is when you are harvesting crops as they will just appear and go into your barn.

Buying Missing Crops

If you are missing some crops, simply go to a friend's farm and find his or her roadside shop and tap on it and see what they are selling. Or if your level 7+, open your newspaper and see what's being sold.

Free Stuff

Buy a lot of wheat until silo is full, plant half of it, then turn your device up right and shake it while cutting down wheat. You will get free items.

Earn Diamonds

Open your mine and use TNT. It will produce diamonds every couple of blasts. When you have enough diamonds, pay for Tom's service and have him find nothing but TNT and load up on it. Then blow the mine and use as much metal as you can; again, more diamonds will come every couple of blasts. Sell what metal you can't store. But you have to use Tom and get a bunch of TNT. For more ways to get diamonds in Hay Day, click there.

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